Biotechnology: Controversial Issue

In this modern era of civilization, biotechnology is not a new term, as it has tamed the future with its potential.Biotechnology, a technical application that uses biological system and organism to develop useful products, is expanding and stretching its wings with inventions and research.For thousands of year, mankind has used biotechnology in agriculture, food, and... Continue Reading →

Hosier Land: Hive of Melbourne’s Street Art

  If you are living in Melbourne, graffiti is a huge part of the everyday visual experience. Derived from Italian word ”graffere” meaning “to scratch on surface”, Melbourne city is full of graffiti whether you are, walking through the city of Melbourne, or suburbs on the city fringe, it’s hard to miss one. You could... Continue Reading →

A Visit : Australian Centre For Moving Image (ACMI)

My friend was really surprised when I said I have never been to ACMI despite living in Melbourne for almost three years. The expression coming out from his mouth was “Are you serious, girl. I am talking about “the ACMI” situated in front of Flinders Street.”? l didn’t have any idea what exactly he was... Continue Reading →

The Most Unforgettable Journey

There is something peculiar about this city I am in love with, something that makes your heart wonder and fonder, make you wanna lose yourself to all those delights that city offer.Melbourne is indeed a city which beholds many untold stories which could be written down but could only be read with open eyes.  ... Continue Reading →

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