A Visit : Australian Centre For Moving Image (ACMI)

My friend was really surprised when I said I have never been to ACMI despite living in Melbourne for almost three years. The expression coming out from his mouth was “Are you serious, girl. I am talking about “the ACMI” situated in front of Flinders Street.”? l didn’t have any idea what exactly he was talking about until he took me there the same day. He truly believed you can’t say you are Melbournian if you have not been there. It is literally situated in heart of Melbourne city and I did walk pass by that center almost twice every day and still, I was unaware of the whole history of cinema stationed right in front of me.

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is Australia’s national museum of film, video games, digital culture, and art. It is one of the most visited moving image museum in the world, which not only explores but also promotes the cultural and creative richness of the moving image in all its forms – film, television and digital culture. Established in 2002 ACMI has not only been showing movies from all over the world but was holding the whole history of cinema under one roof. Filled with digital equipment featuring advancement of cinema from different centuries, an amazing illustration of moving images, bringing together rare footage, fascinating objects, and interactive displays, the whole center itself was a piece of art.

As soon as I entered the museum which they have named” screen worlds” it felt like I have entered the whole new world. Dim light inside the museum and black and white movies playing all over, it did give me a feeling of living in olden golden times. It was not like another boring museum where they show you the history on a piece of paper or you must observe outside the glass. Inside ACMI you can touch the equipment’s, play with it and explore it yourself. I was watching part of every movie they were playing there and trust me when I say the beauty of olden actor and actresses was something I can’t describe in words, they were ageless. For me, the most amazing experience was watching the clip from” A Trip to the Moon” dated 1902 and originally titled “Le voyage dans la Lune. Till then I have no idea the movie “Hugo” was inspired by real-life facts about the grandfather of science fiction” Georges Méliès” and “A Trip to the Moon “was a real movie.


Hard to believe but the evolution of moving images from magic lanterns is the fact I learned from the museum and I really had fun turning shadow puppets to 3D animations. Centre also have computer games with amazing graphics and puzzles and playing one of my favorite game” Mario “after such a long time did bring back my childhood memories back. They also have time slice room where you can imitate Neo from the” The Matrix” and also have the facility to email the photographs. Likewise, there were different rooms where you could do a lot of activities and all of them was such an amazing experience. I did click photo with “LASTV-8” Mad Max fan car which was displayed there.



Through a vibrant calendar of award-winning exhibitions, films, festivals, live events, creative workshops, school holiday programs and Collection resources, ACMI provides diverse audiences with unsurpassed ways to engage with the moving images. Catch classics of Australian cinema, explore the special exhibitions or create your own short film. ACMI brings the world of the moving image to life with hands-on workshops, live panel forums, exhibitions, and screenings.

ACMI was indeed a wonder to me.Considering myself as a movie lover I would recommend ACMI as a center that should not be missed.Apart from museum and cinema, there are a lot of activities in front of the center.The day I was visiting there were a lot of people dressed as vampire and zombie and I also clicked a photo with one of them.23435357_1679610425416735_2018849278_n

More information about the center can be found at https://www.acmi.net.au/



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