Biotechnology: Controversial Issue

In this modern era of civilization, biotechnology is not a new term, as it has tamed the future with its potential.Biotechnology, a technical application that uses biological system and organism to develop useful products, is expanding and stretching its wings with inventions and research.For thousands of year, mankind has used biotechnology in agriculture, food, and medicine and with advancement in science it has also spread out its territory in diverse science such as genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, recombinant gene technique, gene therapy, immunology.With an increase in population and as consequence of this increase in world’s basic need ” Biotechnology ” can only be the future of modern world but now the question arises till how-how far biotechnology has been able to justify its objective???


Some of the genetically modified crops such as flavor savor tomato, golden rice have already been introduced and genetically modified organism such as transgenic mice, transgenic cow, transgenic fish are being developed.Despite being advantageous than normal crops and organism people still hesitate to embrace this new technology and biotechnology is lagging behind because of lack of public acceptance and reasons for this are first and foremost is “ethics”. To develop anything that already exists in nature in against ethics though it may be beneficial to mankind since the very beginning our society is built with the moral and ethics and is strengthened by the discipline of religion. Most of the people think acceptance of biotechnology is challenging the GOD

Though the main objective of biotechnology has always been to eliminate hunger if we see we notice that consumer of the biotechnological product has always been rich people since poor people cannot afford it.Since the technology is expensive and a lot of patience is required for initiation of this technology is out of the question for developing countries and provision of patenting, in addition, to reward to the inventor has also restricted it uses which make application of this knowledge limited.


Though the developed country has already started its research and had started investing still safety regarding the biotechnological product is still doubtful for us Biotechnology has also created illusion in developing countries since developed countries have already started its research in the field of biotechnology, it has created delusion whether to accept this technology or not. Fear to lag behind by technology if not accepted and fear to suffer huge loss if this technology could not be beneficial since no country can give hundred percent assurance regarding its safety but despite its dark side we should never forget the bliss of biotechnology cure of various diseases, cure of genetically modified disease, invention of pharmaceutical product, modified crops, organic pesticide, biofertilizer. These things have not only made us easier but have also created a better world to live for.If an implementation of biotechnology is done properly and proper knowledge regarding biotechnology show be to flourish in every part of the world and more research should be conducted regarding its safety. And developing country should also initiate this technology cause future of the world beholds here.

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