Hosier Land: Hive of Melbourne’s Street Art


If you are living in Melbourne, graffiti is a huge part of the everyday visual experience. Derived from Italian word ”graffere” meaning “to scratch on surface”, Melbourne city is full of graffiti whether you are, walking through the city of Melbourne, or suburbs on the city fringe, it’s hard to miss one. You could say alleys of Melbourne is lined by the touch of the graffiti and so are the walls next to railways tracks. If you are paying attention every train of Victoria transportation follows the culture. However, what really surprised me is the presence of different graffiti lanes which are dedicated toward graffiti despite living in the city for three years and Hosier lane is one of the best venues for Melbourne’s Street Art which should not be missed.



Hosier Lane which is also known as DeGraves Street is just a short walk from Federation Square. This lane has featured every aspect of human emotions, from pleas for missing children to tributes to Anzac, appreciation from British artist Banksy to murals of Taylor Swift. Hosier Lane has become the hive of creative expression for graffiti artists.


The glory of Hosier Lane can’t be limited to present date, it also carries the historical archaeological remains associated with the settlement and growth of early Melbourne. The lane old as the Melbourne city used to be accessible and delivery pickups for the factories. The laneway gained its artistic street after


it was featured in an Asian soap opera cred in the 1990s.In 2013 the laneway was wiped clean as part of a six-day makeover to rejuvenate the outdoor canvass and its style. The idea behind the ‘paint over’ was to provide local graffiti artists with a blank canvas. Despite backlash and protest, Rutledge Lane now boasts a fresh and colorful canvas of unique graffiti art. It also gained its social media popularity when Taylor Swift’s mural was painted featuring her death hoax.

Filled with graffiti, I found Hosier lane quite interesting and full of arts and of course an amazing place to take creative photos. It draws camera-wielding crowds snapping edgy graffiti where the story changes every day from political to cultural issues, spiced with humor. Stroked with bold use of colors, Hosier-lane has become the canvas of many untold stories and unheard voices and I personally admired this lane of everchanging stories.

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