It all starts with “Namaste”


If you are visiting Nepal for the first time, don’t be nervous. You do not need to do much to impress any Nepalese people, just greet them with a big smile and  ” Namaste” ! You would be surprised to notice that despite being a citizen of a tourism nation, still  they are excited to spot tourists around them. Whether you are in a proper city like “Kathmandu”, ” Pokhara” or in any local village , if you are a tourist  you will definitely be noticed by local people. If you are spotted in a countryside, “Congratulations!” You  will be a mini celebrity at least for a while ! If you are lost or want to be more specific about, do not hesitate to ask local people. Whether they know English or not, they will definitely find all the possible ways to help you out.
If you want to take photos you will hardly hear “No” as an answer from any of the locals. If you are a lifestyle photographer , be ready to click the best shot with default ” Smiling Expression”  over every  Nepalese faces,they never run out of smile .Even in adversity they will pose with smiling faces.Natural beauty of Nepal is something that should not be missed.
If you are travelling by a taxi be ready to be charged little bit extra amount .Taxi drivers prefer foreigners over local people and if you are  travelling by a bus or a  micro bus be ready to be the  center of everyone’s attraction,people will be noticing your each and every act.

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