Story of a Coffeeholic

It is said that morning shows the day but for a coffee lover like me I would add “coffee” in front of “morning” in the sentence to make it more realistic. It doesn’t matter whether its latte, cappuccino or mocha, drinking coffee from the café of my choice in the morning, has always been my... Continue Reading →

Things To Keep In Mind When You Depart For Bangalore

Life can become a little hard when you move into a new place that is completely unknown to you. Without wasting your precious time, I would like to tell you guys I belong from Nepal, a country filled with lustful beauty and breathtaking scenarios. Currently, due to my own personal and somehow unnatural reasons, I... Continue Reading →

Ten Astonishing Facts About The Greek God Zeus and The Hindu Deity Indra

From time and again, humans have tried to establish a strong connection between the ancient Greece and the Hindu civilization.In doing so, it was found that most of these Greek gods from history shared the same traits and characteristics similar to that of gods in Hindu mythology.Since both civilizations are billion years old, it would be impossible for anyone to uncover the whole truth regarding the... Continue Reading →

Biotechnology: Controversial Issue

In this modern era of civilization, biotechnology is not a new term, as it has tamed the future with its potential.Biotechnology, a technical application that uses biological system and organism to develop useful products, is expanding and stretching its wings with inventions and research.For thousands of year, mankind has used biotechnology in agriculture, food, and... Continue Reading →

Hosier Land: Hive of Melbourne’s Street Art

  If you are living in Melbourne, graffiti is a huge part of the everyday visual experience. Derived from Italian word ”graffere” meaning “to scratch on surface”, Melbourne city is full of graffiti whether you are, walking through the city of Melbourne, or suburbs on the city fringe, it’s hard to miss one. You could... Continue Reading →

The Most Unforgettable Journey

There is something peculiar about this city I am in love with, something that makes your heart wonder and fonder, make you wanna lose yourself to all those delights that city offer.Melbourne is indeed a city which beholds many untold stories which could be written down but could only be read with open eyes.  ... Continue Reading →

Things to Do in Nepal

  Undoubtedly one of the world's most alluring destination for adventure and natural beauties,Nepal ,also known as land of yak and yeti, is the land situated among majestic Himalayan Mountains range. It has been featured as one of the most enchanting destination for hikers and trekkers of all types.Historic attractions with the touch of unrivaled... Continue Reading →

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