Siri Vs Google Assistant

In this big world full of complexity, where every second world is getting more difficult to understand, let’s make it simpler.There are two types of people in this world, One who loves iPhone and the other who loves android. To be honest I am an iPhone person.Despite struggling not being able to download music like in android, difficulty in transferring of important data, not being able to use Bluetooth in its truest form and most importantly not being able to change themes.I own iPhone. .Android has more features and there are so many things you can do with it.Times when I have to struggle through all those IOS troubles, I do think, if only it was an android.

There is always this silent war between iPhone and Android which knowingly or unknowingly we have become part of.Half of my family members are fond of iPhone and while the remaining half love android including my boyfriend and it has really become one of the hot topics we keep arguing about.But we also have fun as well.One of our favorite things to do is asking weird questions to Siri and google assistant and comparing the answers.I have listed few of the replies from both operating systems to our weird questions and it never stopped amusing us.

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