Story of a Coffeeholic

It is said that morning shows the day but for a coffee lover like me I would add “coffee” in front of “morning” in the sentence to make it more realistic. It doesn’t matter whether its latte, cappuccino or mocha, drinking coffee from the café of my choice in the morning, has always been my major highlight of the day. I share part of life with the coffee shop I go to every morning. No matter which part of the city I shift to or how many times I change my job, I always figure out one café I am going to stick to during my stay. Coffee lover like me sees beauty in coffee and face of an artist in barrister and we taste the flavor of the world with every sip we take, in form of different blends of coffee.

Every coffee shop has tales to tell about people who visit them and so does the coffee drinker. I believe happiness is knowing that your barrister knows exactly what type of coffee you want with how many spoons of sugar, what time of milk you want and what type of blend pleases you the most.Some of the coffee shops give free coffee to their loyal customer and I manage to get at least one free coffee during my stay.I feel like I am being rewarded for my loyalty.

There was one particular coffee shop I used to visit every day and to be honest I knew all the staffs by their name and including the owner. I was even aware of the roster of each one of them. They all have different stories to tell me every morning and so do I.I complain them about things that bug me.Since I have really become good friends with them one day I asked is it only me who complains or are there more crazy people like me.To my utter, surprise all of them told me everyone who visit them have a different customer which have different stories to tell. Some of them have complains about their wife and some of the worries about their husband. Some of them even say how much they hate the dog which their wife owns but they don’t have guts to tell their wife.What I really found out after my mini research is you share a bond with the coffee shop and barrister which make it easier for us to share our feelings.

While I was working in Watergarden shopping center “Espresso Bar International ” used to be my salvation and if you have been to the watergarden shopping center but have not drunk coffee from them you have indeed missed best thing in life.”Lava coffee” used to be my another favorite when I was working in highpoint and they have the friendliest staffs ever.”Mrs. Field and Koko black is my other favorite in highpoint shopping center.I like really like the coffee from “Standing room”  which is also called SR in short located in Melbourne Central and quite famous in the center.However, my recent obsession is “Diesel Bar Melbourne” my personal favorite coffee shop in the town. The place gives you the sensation of inner peace and I found my solitude in the cafe, inner peace.It has become my favorite hangout place in Melbourne.Hospitality in that cafe is something I have never experienced before, one of the best kind and the mocha, my favorite of all made by the manager of the cafe.You should try it as well.

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