The Most Unforgettable Journey

There is something peculiar about this city I am in love with, something that makes your heart wonder and fonder, make you wanna lose yourself to all those delights that city offer.Melbourne is indeed a city which beholds many untold stories which could be written down but could only be read with open eyes.


Moving to a new city, a new country has never been an easy task, especially when you are brought up in a small country like Nepal and city you are moving to is one of the achievement the mankind has made it true with their efforts and contribution towards technology.This is one of the most unforgettable journeys I have ever made which I would not dare to forget, my first experience of traveling from Kathmandu to Melbourne.
The day I was granted the visa for Australia it was one of the happiest days of my life and I just could not believe my luck.At that moment it was all I asked for.My college was starting from second of March and my visa got approved on 28 th of February.Somehow I managed to get an extension until 10th of March.Without delay, I booked my flight for 6th of March in Thai airlines.Five days is very short time for shopping but somehow I managed to buy enough stuff, the list I made reading the blogs of people who have visited Melbourne.
By the morning of 6th of March, I was almost ready to leave my country, I had already managed to gather enough goodbyes from people who were very important and even who were less important.Just a few hours before I leave, I got a call from my friend and I found out all the international flights have been canceled as one of the planes from Turkish Airlines has crashed into the airport.No one was hurt but since they were unable to move the plane, the airport has been closed till they sort it out.It was really a news to me as in my life I have never ever heard something like this has happened before but it did happen.I truly believe even the most impossible things could occur, I guess, when it involves me.


I emailed my University about my situation but they were very cleared they can only grant my extension till 11 th of March or I have to start from next session.
First time in my life I was becoming more attentive towards news, I was checking the updates regarding the incident in every half an hour.I even went to Thai Airways office in Darbar Marg to know the updates and what I saw was much more people like me who were in front of the office.Not to be surprised or as expected Thai airways closed their office as there was not actually anything they could do to fix the situation.To counsel myself I even spent hours in travel agency who booked my ticket.Nothing helped.


After following up for two days I got a call from my travel agency and he said he booked my flight from Etihad airlines for next day, schedule from Kathmandu to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dabi to Melbourne and transit duration was only one hour.In my mind, I was determined to make it up to my flight in short transit duration.The real challenge was getting the boarding pass which was actually like winning the lotto, you really need to be lucky.
There was no excitement in me when I was leaving for the airport the next day as I was not sure whether I will be actually leaving for Australia or I will be returning back home.Airport was filled with crowds.After waiting for one hour outside I was finally allowed to enter inside but there were more people inside compared to the oneĀ outside, all in frustration and depression like me.I went to queue for Etihad, not to mention there were heaps of people in front of me and behind me.After I reached the counter for boarding pass the guy informed me I have already missed my flight from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne so he scheduled another flight which was from Abu Dhabi to Sydney and from Sydney another flight to Melbourne.The worst part about new schedule was 13 hours transit in Abu Dhabi before I board for Sydney.I took my boarding pass and after waiting for three hours in airport finally I boarded my flight to Abu Dhabi.I breathed the air of relief.
At first, spending few hours in flight was easy as I was enjoying the movie they provided.Then I landed at Abu Dhabi airport which was one of the biggest airports I have ever been.After walking for half an hour I finally found two guys who were wearing Etihad Airways badge.I explained them about my situation.They provided me two coupons for dinner and breakfast and showed me the couch where I could take rest while my stay in the airport.It was not so comfortable and the whole time I was worried about my bag being stolen, as I really don’t trust people while traveling.Most importantly my main problem was I can only sleep in a bed, not in flight or in the couch or anything else, I just need a bed to sleep.
The wait was over, I finally boarded the flight to Sydney whose duration was double the first flight.I had actually become weaker due to lack of sleep.Food I was eating was not something I was really fond of.I watched more movies but this time I was too tired.I was trying to sleep but I was not getting any.Only good thing about that trip was flight attended who was also from Nepal.Since the flight was empty and fact that only a few Nepalese travel from Abu Dhabi to Australia she moved me to Business class and the served me all the delicious food.However, I was not still able to sleep.
I reached Sydney airport and I found out I have to collect my luggage there itself and board flight to Melbourne which was quite annoying.I collected my luggage with my half dead body and while I was going through security Dog started encircling me which was quite wired.I got stopped my security officer and they started checking my hand carry bag.Though I was sure I have not done anything wrong my heart did skip a beat.They started taking out my stuff one by one and in the end, they found an apple.I never knew before then it was not allowed to carry fruits.However, the question I was having in my head was how come there was an apple in my bag which I found out later one of my relatives kept in my bag thinking I would be hungry in the way.Her good intention got me into trouble.One of the officers warned me it is illegal to get fruits and I might be charged more than 200 dollars for this offense.Thanks to the generosity of security officer they let me go without any fine.Finally, I boarded my flight to Melbourne which was one hour.After all the hassle I went through till date I actually don’t remember what I actually I did during that flight duration.This is my story of my first trip to Melbourne.

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